Kia Ora DC Kiwis is accepting donations to Dave’s Memorial Fund using both New Zealand and US payment methods. Please note that donations made here will not show as a contribution toward to the GoFundMe goal. If you wish to have your donation show as a contribution to the GoFundMe goal, we recommend you use the GoFundMe page and an American payment method to donate.


David Keegan’s Memorial Fund

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All of us miss him, our funny, kind, cheeky, irascible friend who has just passed away – Mr David Keegan. 06/06/1956 to 07/04/2019. As he rests in peace, we want to support him and his family the way he supported everyone he knew (and those he never met). He was a big hearted guy with a wicked and often cutting sense of humor, a keen intelligence and a very Kiwi way of looking at the world. For me and so many others, he was a sounding board, a connector and a dear friend. He loved his wife Caren and daughters Ginny and Kate, his cats (particularly his ginger mate Stella) and dogs and his mates.

He started building community here in Washington DC for his Kiwi people, was a founding member of Kia Ora DC Kiwis Board, with KEA he raised funds for Christchurch after the earthquake among many other things. He gave of his special talents by sharing with many of us his honey, his delicious food (he was a very talented cook) and the Keegan’s wonderful backyard.
He was always there for all of us, someone to talk to, to joke with, to lean on, to tease who would always give you back whatever you did to him.

Over the past five years he has fought a tough battle with cancer which has severely drained his family’s resources. This year the cancer starting taking over his body and although in pain he soldiered on, making the effort to attend the Christchurch vigil in March and being an important member of Te Aroha Choir.

To sum him up in a few words – he’s a bloody good bugger.

Kia Ora DC Kiwi’s will support the effort to raise money to cover his celebration of life party and other costs that are associated with his passing and illness – this will support his wonderful wife Caren as she rebuilds her life without him. We need to raise this money as soon as possible All monies raised will be accounted for so it is clear what money was used for what activity – our goal is to make sure that Dave’s life is celebrated and that Caren is well supported. Belinda Tibbles will lead reporting on where funding raised was used to those that gave.

In this crazy place we call life, Dave was always a big hearted giver, now is our chance to give something back for him and to the people he cared about. On behalf of the family and our community we thank you for your generosity.