Kia Ora DC Kiwis Kapa Haka

Check back soon for more information about the Kia Ora DC Kiwis initiatives to promote and teach Maori culture to Kiwis in DC, Maryland and Virginia.

In 2019, we formed the the Te Aroha (the love) Choir in honor of David Keegan, with the goal of creating an easy and effective way to bring joy and  comfort to Dave and his family during his final months. Dave was involved in the process of the choir’s song selection, and wasn’t shy about letting us know when we sounded bad (we never sang the second  erse of Manu Rere because he said it sounded terrible).

During the spring/summer months of 2019, the choir met every weekend until Dave’s  passing. Each week, we met at Dave’s whare (home) and sang songs that reminded Dave of his childhood and his fondest memories of New Zealand. He looked forward to his time with the choir each week, and there was an incredible growing sense of unity every
time we met. Dave joyfully participated and played his tin whistle. The beginnings of Te Aroha choir were a time of genuine love, support, and fellowship.

See the Te Aroha Choir songbook here.